We have divided and arranged our centre into  practical and functional spaces obtaining dedicated areas providing a full range of services to meet every requirement of independent work. The training room and meeting room as well as storage / box (lock up garage) can be rented individually or combined with an office or at a desk in co working for the period you want.


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Meeting Room
We have a large and elegant meeting room ideal for hosting your guests in a professional and prestigious environment. We will provide all the technical support you need, the surroundings will make your guests feel welcomed into a modern and dynamic centre. You can book the meeting room for day or half-day packages or create ad hoc according to your needs.

Conference Room
Our conference room is bright and functional, can comfortably accommodate over 50 people. Equipped with every comfort it is ideal for a corporate meeting, training session or meeting with business agents.

Day Office
The service day office proposes is the use of a token paid all-inclusive office. The use of temporary furnished and equipped offices for a day, or even just for an hour, it allows you to have a space reserved for the time needed and access the break area where you can take a pause with a cup of coffee. If you need  a simple desk just to work a few hours, our positions are available in an open space.

Warehouses / Lock up Garages
We have capacious warehouses from 10 to 50 square meters that you can use as a merchandise store, archive documentation or any other of your needs. We propose also temporarily or combined with an office if you need to have a space for warehouse use to support your business.

Management Consulting
Business Consulting is our network that has always worked in the field of business consulting: cost analysis, resource optimization, staff management and motivation , business strategies, project start-up, restructuring business for small, medium and large enterprises. If you need an external and objective view of your reality or if you want to support the start up of a new project, you can contact us without commitment, we will be happy to discuss any problems with you and study the most appropriate solutions.

Break Area
We have created a break area with modern vending machines of hot and cold drinks and snacks where you can take a moment to relax, meet a colleague and share some ideas.

Reserved Parking
Around our centre we have several car parking spaces that we offer exclusively so you always have your personal car park.



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