But why choose CastelOffice rather than another traditional office lease?
Below we illustrate  the main benefits that you can get by choosing our office and our services. Read and consider carefully.

1. Maximum flexibility contract

We propose the contractual formula you prefer (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly). It is not a lease but a contract of services that we can agree freely according to your needs.

2. There is no six-month contractual notice

Not being a lease there is no cancellation with six months forewarning provided for in the classic commercial leases.

3. There are no registration fees

There are no registration fees or contractual costs of stamps, nor expenses in the event of early termination. It also economizes the cost of recording the annual contract. There is no  annual Istat increase ( The National Statistics Institute).

4. All Inclusive solution

You will not have to worry about providing the subscription for the  connection to utilities (electricity, gas, internet, water, waste, etc.), following the time-consuming bureaucracy and waiting times of activation. You will save time and the cost of activation and deactivation of services.

5. Sole supplier

You no longer have to manage multiple vendors but you will have a single source that will give you all the services of your office or the solution you choose.

6. Fixed cost and you always know how much you pay

Once you have chosen the office with the services you need, and determined the type of contract that you like, you'll know exactly the amount that you will pay all inclusive.

7. Total deduction

It is a supply of services, therefore, the bill is 100% deductible

8. Start to work right away

Our offices are furnished and ready for a start up of your business immediately. You do not incur costs for the purchasing of furniture or any removal costs at the beginning and end of your business activity.

9. All services at your disposal

Day office, large meeting room, training room, storage / lock up garage, break area, reserved parking, management and daily cleaning of common areas, all at your disposal. If you need to expand or satisfy a sudden need you immediately get the solution that's right for you.

10. Prestigious and professional environment

You will spend your time working in a modern, smart and professional environment to ensure that you, your customers and employees enjoy an image of high prestige.

11. Possible business and professional developments

By sharing a work space you will develop professional relationships with the objective to encourage commercial collaborations.

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